Guide to Melbourne and Surrounding Places: Top Attractions and Hidden Gems

Melbourne city skyline

Melbourne is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Australia that perfectly blends rich cultural history and new-age trends. 

The city is known for its exquisite dining, exhilarating sports, and abundant opportunities to experience art. 

Melbourne is also surrounded by regions that are worth exploring.

The regions surrounding Melbourne offer a range of experiences for visitors. 

Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or nature-lover, there’s something for everyone. 

Some popular places near Melbourne include Bendigo, the Yarra Valley, the Great Ocean Road, and Phillip Island. 

Each of these destinations offers a unique experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Key Takeaways

  • Melbourne is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Australia that perfectly blends rich cultural history and new-age trends.
  • The regions surrounding Melbourne offer a range of experiences for visitors, including Bendigo, the Yarra Valley, the Great Ocean Road, and Phillip Island.
  • Visitors can enjoy various activities in Melbourne, including exploring the city’s culture and history, laneways and neighborhoods, outdoor activities, food and wine scene, and wildlife and zoos.

Melbourne Overview

Melbourne is a vibrant and diverse city located in the state of Victoria, Australia. 

Known for its rich culture, world-class dining, and abundance of art, Melbourne is a popular destination for tourists worldwide. 

The city is located on the southeastern coast of Australia and is the second-largest city in the country after Sydney.

Melbourne is a city that prides itself on its diversity. With a population of over 5 million people, the city is home to people from all over the world. 

This diversity is reflected in the city’s food, art, and culture, making it a fascinating place to explore.

The heart of Melbourne is the Central Business District (CBD), which is home to many of the city’s major attractions. 

The CBD is a bustling, cosmopolitan area home to some of the city’s best shopping, dining, and nightlife. 

The CBD is also home to many of Melbourne’s major cultural institutions, including the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum.

Melbourne is a city that is proud of its history and culture. The city has a rich Aboriginal history, and there are many opportunities to learn about the culture and history of the country’s indigenous people.

Melbourne has many historic buildings and landmarks, including the Royal Exhibition Building and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Overall, Melbourne is a city that is full of life and energy. Its diverse population, rich culture, and world-class dining make it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Australia.

Melbourne Culture and History

Melbourne is a city steeped in rich cultural history, with a diverse range of museums, galleries, and historic landmarks to explore.

Visitors to Melbourne can immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant arts scene, learn about the city’s gold rush history, and discover the influence of different cultures that have shaped the city over time.

Museums and Galleries

Melbourne is home to several world-class museums and galleries that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage. 

The Melbourne Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the city’s history, with exhibitions covering everything from the gold rush to indigenous culture. 

The National Gallery of Victoria is another must-see attraction, with a vast Australian and international art collection.

For those interested in the city’s multicultural heritage, the Immigration Museum is an excellent place to start. 

The museum tells the story of the many different cultures contributing to Melbourne’s vibrant community. 

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is another fascinating attraction, with film, television, and digital culture exhibitions.

Historic Landmarks

Melbourne has several historical landmarks that glimpse the city’s past.

The Royal Arcade is one of the city’s oldest shopping arcades, with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. 

The Block Arcade is another historic landmark with stunning architecture and boutique shops.

Visiting the Sovereign Hill outdoor museum is a must for those interested in the city’s gold rush history. 

The museum recreates a 19th-century gold-mining town with period costumes and working machinery.

Multicultural Influence

Melbourne’s multicultural heritage is evident throughout the city, from the many different cuisines to the vibrant festivals and events throughout the year. 

Visitors to the city can explore the vibrant Chinatown district, with its many shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

The city also has a strong Greek influence, with many Greek restaurants, cafes, and cultural events. The annual Greek Festival highlights the city’s cultural calendar, with music, dance, and food celebrating the city’s Greek heritage.

Melbourne’s rich cultural history and diverse attractions make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, art, and culture.

Exploring Melbourne CBD

Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) is a bustling hub of activity and a must-visit destination for any traveler.

The CBD has something for everyone, from iconic landmarks to hidden laneway bars.

Flinders Street Station and Federation Square

Flinders Street Station

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Melbourne CBD is Flinders Street Station.

This historic train station has operated since 1854 and is the busiest in the southern hemisphere.

Visitors can stroll through the station or hop on a train to explore the city.

Just across the street from Flinders Street Station is Federation Square.

This modern cultural center is home to various attractions, including the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.

Visitors can also enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants or cafes in the square.

Shopping in Melbourne

Melbourne CBD is a shopper’s paradise, with many shops and boutiques to explore.

Bourke Street Mall is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city, with a mix of high-end retailers and affordable fashion brands.

For a more unique shopping experience, visitors can explore the hidden laneways and alleys of the CBD, where they’ll find independent boutiques and vintage stores.

Dining in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its diverse culinary scene; the CBD is no exception. From fine dining restaurants to casual cafes, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Visitors can enjoy traditional Australian cuisine or sample international flavors worldwide.

Some popular dining destinations in the CBD include Chinatown, Flinders Lane, and Hardware Lane.

Melbourne Nightlife

Melbourne CBD comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene when the sun goes down.

Visitors can enjoy a drink at one of the many bars or nightclubs in the area, from rooftop bars with stunning views to hidden speakeasies with a vintage vibe.

Some popular nightlife destinations in the CBD include the Paris end of Collins Street and the laneways off Flinders Lane.

Overall, Melbourne CBD is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking to explore the best of Melbourne.

With its iconic landmarks, diverse shopping and dining options, and vibrant nightlife scene, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Melbourne’s Laneways and Neighbourhoods

Melbourne is known for its vibrant and eclectic laneways, which are hidden gems that offer a unique experience to visitors.

From street art to boutique shops, these alleys are full of surprises and essential to Melbourne’s culture.

Hidden Laneways

Melbourne’s hidden laneways are a must-visit for anyone exploring the city’s unique culture.

Duckboard Place, Croft Alley, and Presgrave Place are some of Melbourne’s most popular hidden laneways.

These alleys are full of street art, cafes, and boutique shops that offer a unique shopping and dining experience.



Melbourne’s Chinatown is a bustling neighborhood full of energy and culture.

Located in the city’s heart, this neighborhood offers many restaurants, shops, and cultural events.

Visitors can explore the colorful streets, try authentic Chinese food, and shop for souvenirs and gifts.

Boutiques and Local Shops

Melbourne is home to a wide range of boutiques and local shops that offer unique and one-of-a-kind products.

From vintage clothing to handmade jewelry, these shops are a must-visit for anyone looking for something special.

Some of Melbourne’s best boutiques and local shops can be found in the city’s laneways, including Degraves Street and Centre Place.

Overall, Melbourne’s laneways and neighborhoods are full of hidden gems and unique experiences waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re looking for street art, boutique shopping, or authentic cuisine, Melbourne has something for everyone.

Outdoor Activities in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that is known for its vibrant culture, art, and food scene. 

However, many people may need to learn that it is also home to many outdoor activities that are perfect for those who enjoy spending time in nature.

In this section, we will explore some of the best outdoor activities that Melbourne has to offer.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of Melbourne’s most popular outdoor attractions.

It is a sprawling garden that spans 38 hectares and is home to over 50,000 plants.

Visitors can stroll through the park and admire the beautiful flowers and plants or take a guided tour to learn more about the different species.

The garden also hosts various events throughout the year, including outdoor movie screenings, performances, and exhibitions.

Beaches and Port Phillip Bay

Melbourne is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, and Port Phillip Bay is a must-visit for anyone who loves the ocean.

Visitors can spend the day swimming, sunbathing, or participating in water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking.

There are also plenty of fishing spots along the bay, making it a popular destination for anglers.

Sports in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city passionate about sports, and visitors have plenty of opportunities to get involved.

The Australian Open is one of the most popular sporting events in the town, attracting tennis fans from all over the world.

Visitors can also stroll along the Yarra River, a popular destination for joggers and cyclists.

For those who prefer golf, there are plenty of courses in and around Melbourne, including the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, considered one of the best golf courses in the world.

Sports enthusiasts can also visit the Sports Museum, home to various exhibits and artifacts that showcase the sport’s history in Melbourne.

In conclusion, Melbourne is a city that offers a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the Royal Botanic Gardens, relaxing on the beach, or participating in sports, there is something for everyone.

Melbourne’s Food and Wine Scene

Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise, with diverse cuisines and a thriving coffee culture.

The city is also known for its wine-tasting experiences, which makes it a popular destination for wine enthusiasts.

Local Cuisine

Wine drink glasses, snacks on the pub table

Melbourne’s food scene is diverse, with various local and international cuisines.

The city is known for its Italian cuisine, with Lygon Street in Carlton being the hub of Italian restaurants.

Visitors can enjoy authentic pizzas, pasta, and gelato in this area.

The city also has a strong Asian influence, with many restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine.

Indian cuisine is also famous in Melbourne, with many restaurants serving traditional curries and tandoori dishes.

Coffee Culture

Melbourne is Australia’s coffee capital, with a thriving coffee culture.

Visitors can find specialty coffee shops on every corner of the city, with many roasters and baristas pushing the boundaries of coffee-making.

Some popular coffee shops in Melbourne include Proud Mary, St. Ali, and Industry Beans.

Wine Tasting

Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s best wine regions, including the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula.

Visitors can take a day trip to these regions and enjoy wine-tasting experiences at some of the best wineries in the country.

Yarra Valley is known for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, while Mornington Peninsula is known for its cool-climate wines.

Melbourne’s food and wine scene is diverse and exciting, with something for every taste bud.

Visitors can explore the city’s local cuisine, indulge in specialty coffee, and enjoy wine-tasting experiences in the nearby wine regions.

Melbourne’s Wildlife and Zoos

Melbourne is home to various wildlife and zoos, allowing visitors to see some of Australia’s most iconic animals up close.

Here are some top nature and zoo experiences in and around Melbourne.

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo is a must-visit destination for animal lovers.

Located just a few minutes from the city center, the zoo is home to over 320 species of animals worldwide.

Visitors can see everything from tigers and elephants to gorillas and meerkats.

The zoo also offers a range of interactive experiences, such as behind-the-scenes tours and close encounters with animals like lemurs and penguins.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo

For a more unique zoo experience, head to the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Located just 30 minutes from Melbourne, this zoo is set on 225 hectares of open savannah and is home to a range of African animals, including giraffes, zebras, and rhinos.

Visitors can take a safari tour to see the animals up close and learn about conservation efforts to protect these endangered species.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island, located about two hours from Melbourne, is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Visitors can see koalas in their natural habitat at the Koala Conservation Centre, where raised boardwalks allow easy viewing.

The island is also home to the famous Penguin Parade, where visitors can watch hundreds of little penguins come ashore at sunset.

Other wildlife experiences on the island include seal watching and bird watching.

Overall, Melbourne and its surrounding areas offer a range of wildlife and zoo experiences that will delight visitors of all ages.

Whether you’re interested in seeing iconic Australian animals or learning about conservation efforts to protect endangered species, there’s something for everyone.

Day Trips from Melbourne

Melbourne is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding areas. 

Plenty of excellent day trip options allow visitors to experience the diversity of Victoria’s landscapes, from the rugged coastline to the snow-capped mountains.

Here are some of the best day trips from Melbourne:

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions and for a good reason.

This scenic coastal drive takes visitors past stunning beaches, towering cliffs, and rock formations.

The most famous of these formations are the Twelve Apostles, a series of limestone stacks that rise out of the ocean.

Visitors can take guided tours or drive along the Great Ocean Road, stopping at lookout points and beaches.

Twelve Apostles

Sunset The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia

The Twelve Apostles are a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Melbourne.

These towering limestone stacks are located along the Great Ocean Road, and visitors can take guided tours or drive themselves to see them.

Several lookout points along the way include the famous Loch Ard Gorge and the London Arch.

Snow Trips

During the winter months, Melbourne is an excellent base for snow trips.

There are several ski resorts within a few hours’ drive of the city, including Mount Buller, Mount Hotham, and Falls Creek.

Visitors can take guided tours or drive themselves to the resorts to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities.

Overall, Melbourne is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding areas. 

Whether visitors are interested in scenic coastal drives, rock formations, or winter sports, plenty of excellent day trip options are available.

Planning Your Visit to Melbourne

When planning a trip to Melbourne, it is important to consider the available tourism services, travel guides, and Covid-safe accreditations.

Tourism Services

Tourism Australia is an excellent resource for information about Melbourne and surrounding areas. 

They offer a comprehensive travel guide that includes information on top things to do, where to stay, and how to get around.

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse also provides up-to-date information on travel products and services local businesses offer.

Travel Guide

When looking for a travel guide to Melbourne, it is important to consider the source.

Websites such as TripSavvy and Road Affair offer detailed itineraries and insider tips from experienced travelers.

It is also important to check for third-party reviews of travel guides to ensure they are accurate and reliable.

Covid-Safe Accreditations

As the world continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to prioritize safety when traveling.

Many businesses in Melbourne have received Covid-safe accreditations, indicating that they have implemented strict safety protocols to protect their customers.

When planning a trip to Melbourne, looking for businesses with these accreditations is recommended to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

It is also important to note that Melbourne uses Australian dollars (AUD) as its currency.

Visitors should plan accordingly and know exchange rates when budgeting for their trip.

Overall, a trip to Melbourne can be a memorable and enjoyable experience with the proper planning and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some famous tourist attractions near Melbourne?

Melbourne is surrounded by several popular tourist attractions that are worth exploring.

The most popular include the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and the Dandenong Ranges.

These places offer stunning natural beauty, wildlife encounters, wine tasting, and scenic drives that are sure to leave you mesmerized.

What is the best time of year to visit Melbourne and its surrounding areas?

The best time to visit Melbourne and its surrounding areas is from March to May and September to November.

The weather is mild and pleasant during these months, and the crowds are relatively smaller.

However, visiting during the summer months of December to February is recommended if you’re looking to experience the city’s vibrant culture and events.

What are some recommended day trips from Melbourne?

Melbourne is surrounded by several picturesque towns and attractions that make for great day trips.

The most popular ones include the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, and the Great Ocean Road.

These places offer scenic drives, wildlife encounters, wine tasting, and stunning natural beauty that will leave you spellbound.

What are some unique experiences to have in Melbourne?

Melbourne is known for its vibrant culture and unique experiences.

Some of the most recommended ones include exploring the city’s street art scene, visiting the Queen Victoria Market, taking a hot air balloon ride over the city, attending a live music performance, and exploring the city’s laneways and hidden bars.

What are some budget-friendly options for exploring Melbourne and its nearby towns?

Melbourne offers several budget-friendly options for exploring the city and its nearby towns.

Some of the most recommended ones include taking a free walking tour of the city, visiting the city’s public gardens and parks, exploring the city’s street art scene, and taking a scenic train or bus ride to nearby towns.

What are some must-try foods in Melbourne and its surrounding areas?

Melbourne is known for its culinary scene and offers several must-try foods.

Some of the most recommended ones include trying the city’s famous coffee, exploring the city’s laneways for hidden cafes and restaurants, trying the city’s renowned street food, and indulging in the city’s multicultural cuisine, including Vietnamese, Greek, and Italian.

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